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Indeed, life isn’t the same when your loved one leaves you forever. However, it is a fact that he or she remains in your heart till the end of time. To make the funeral event a moment of tribute, the best singapore funeral parlor offers the best affordable services. The service packages are offered for funerals of almost all religions.


With more than thirty years of experience, this company is sure to make the funeral event a wonderful tribute to your loved one. Timings are flexible, and you can book the casket services at any time of the day. Another most beneficial feature of the singapore funeral parlour is that you can call the parlor if you need immediate services.

Service Packages

Whenever you need a moment of discussion, you can contact the services as well. There are many service packages that you can opt for. The funeral services for Christians are simplified and affordable as well. The services include everything that is a requirement during the procession. Besides religious funerals, a special service catering to non-religion people is also available. Another package of services is for the followers of Buddhism. Apart from that, followers of Hinduism can opt for the Hindu service packages for the funeral procession. One of the simplest, as well as the cheapest services, is direct burial packages. No services are included in this package.

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