Train your dog the right way.


There is training your dog and training your dog the right way, most people will look at their dog when things aren’t going to plan, wondering ‘why aren’t you doing what I ask?’ Well, to be frank, sometimes we need to look at ourselves first.


The topic of dog training is a hot topic at the moment and one that is quite complex, you may have already decided that you would like the aid of professional trainers and if so, you are in luck. A quick search for dog training in Sydney will give you lots to choose from offered by market specialists.

There are some basic principles that everybody can try, if done correctly, you should see some results, take the following examples and try to make some progress.

My dog pulls on his lead whenever I walk him/her.

Dogs usually pull on their lead because they haven’t been taught any different, just the same as a child. You will not see instant results; dedication and a consistent approach are needed.

My dog begs for food, even after being fed.

Few of us can resist the look on that face when begging for food, begging? Probably not. Ever catch yourself giving the odd treat off of your plate at dinner time? Maybe the dog expects it?

My dog won’t settle down.

More often than not unless they are an exception to the rule, a crazy dog normally means the surroundings are too.

My dog won’t stop barking at me.

If your dog barks at you all of the time it might mean that they have been taught to by receiving something to keep them quiet when they do so.

My dog can’t get on with other dogs.

This might be a sign that the owner doesn’t stand up for themselves enough, sometimes making the dogs aggressive.

Tip of the iceberg

Even with just those 5 examples, there is quite a lot to think about isn’t there? And that is just for starters, things like commands haven’t even been discussed yet, the real fun starts when it’s walkies time and a world of distractions becomes your best friends’ playground.

A wise man once said, “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine”, try to make progress and not expect perfection, when things don’t come to plan, ask yourself, what can I do differently in order to help my dog?

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