Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gentlemen’s Clubs!


Men have weird ideas and fantasies about strip clubs, and understandably so. After all, the whole concept of having pretty girls all around you for a fun evening does seem interesting. If you check online for options, finding a gentlemen’s club in Fort Worth doesn’t have to be tough. Before you step in, we are telling you some of the things that you probably do not know about these clubs.

  • Most gentlemen’s clubs are open during the day. Contrary to what movies would want us to believe, you can visit a gentlemen’s club in the day, and barring a few places, most are open to guests after 12 pm. In fact, some places even have special offers and deals on booze, drinks, and other services for early-birds.
  • Taking photos is not okay. Some strip clubs will ask you to leave the moment they find you using your phone for taking a picture. You shouldn’t even try taking a picture, because privacy of the entertainers is paramount. Some girls are okay with simple pictures, but don’t try the obvious.
  • You can bring your own booze. Many gentlemen’s clubs allow guests to bring their own booze, although there are a few rules. For instance, you may only bring hard liquor and not coolers and energy drinks. Some clubs do serve alcohol, BYOB is always a better choice, considering that you can actually save on drinks.

  • Lap dances have fixed prices. Yes, you read that right. Strippers cannot ask you for any charge they want. The cost is decided by the house, and you are likely to pay more for a full-nude dance. If you request for a special song, or want a private room for the dance, charges are to be paid extra. In addition, you can always choose to tip the stripper.
  • It is okay to say a no. If a stripper is coming to you for a lap dance and you don’t want to go for it, it is completely okay to refuse. The idea is to be polite and not offensive. Strip clubs, in any case, expect you to tip, and you need to go in with real cash, but saying ‘no’ for a lap dance is not considered rude.

Check for the best gentlemen’s clubs near you and do ask about the rules and regulations, which can be specific to each place and can vary for many things.

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