Reasons Why Roast Duck Has Replaced Traditional Dish of Roasted Turkey


In earlier days, farmers preferred to eat meals having Turkey as the main ingredient to save hens and cows as they were useful to get milk and eggs. Thus, people living in England and nearby countries loved to eat roasted Turkey in family get together parties and celebration lunches. Moreover, Turkey size was larger than chicken, thus it was enough to feed a big family. As time passed by the mouth-watering dish found the centre place on the dining table in almost every Britain home during Christmas.  It became a traditional meal that was cooked on every Christmas.

Today, people have realised the multiple benefits of roasted duck instead of roasted turkey for Christmas. The prime reason is that people like the taste of roasted duck. Moreover, the social media has become a great online platform to boost the popularity of roasted duck being multinational cuisine.

Many food enthusiasts do post on food websites the about goodness of roasted duck like the popular online site The site sells fresh ducks and has many recipes to cook delicious duck meals as well. Thus, slowly roasted duck is becoming a popular dish to cook for festive meals.

Other reasons for roasted duck taking the place of roasted turkey for Christmas meals:

  • The grilled or roasted duck has a unique flavour. Foodies like to savour its juicy and tender meat.
  • Unlike turkey there are many ways to cook roasted duck. Even without filling the mid part of the duck breast with other tasty ingredients, the duck tastes yummy and tempting to eat more.
  • Duck fat is more compared to turkey, and thus you don’t have to add oil or fat ingredients to cook the veggies and the duck. Thus, it presents easy means to cook and the dish is low in cholesterol proportion.

  • The skin of the duck is thin and cooks fast. People preferring light meals and do not want to add extra oil for cooking will surely opt to have roasted duck instead of roasted turkey meat.
  • The meat does not dry up fast as the water and fat content remains high compared to Turkey.
  • Duck has load of nutrients like proteins, phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin, iron, zinc, thiamine and vitamin B-6.
  • Ducks are known to be safe meat compared to other farm animals.

If you are planning to cook roast duck for your Christmas meals make sure to buy fresh duck meat from reliable vendors. This helps to enjoy flavourful meals without worrying about any allergic reactions.

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