Planning a Honeymoon to France? Here’s How a Travel Insurance Will Help You


When you get married, you wish to spend some time alone with your spouse, celebrating your love for each other before returning to your daily responsibilities. Out of the different countries available for celebrating your honeymoon, France is one of the most preferred options among couples. You get to lose yourself in the glamour of city lights and enjoy the scenic beauties of the countryside.

When you visit France, you get to walk on the cobblestone pathways and enjoy the world’s finest wines. However, if you wish to make sure your honeymoon in France does not face any roadblocks, it would be better to get travel insurance for France.

Travel insurance plans are insurance products that offer you financial coverage and additional assistance if you face certain emergencies on your trip abroad. Most insurers like Tata AIG offer various features like coverage for COVID-19 under the benefits of travel insurance plans. Purchasing travel insurance is also quite easy these days. You can visit your preferred insurer’s website and purchase travel insurance online.

With a suitable honeymoon travel insurance policy for your trip to France, you will get the assistance you need in several ways.

Ways a Travel Insurance Plan Will Help You on Your Honeymoon to France

Given below are some ways a travel insurance policy will help you on your honeymoon to France:

  • Your checked-in luggage was misplaced during your flight: You may have landed in France with your spouse to enjoy your honeymoon together. However, your luggage may have been sent to a different location through a different flight. The misplacement of luggage is a common occurrence, and it can happen to anybody.

If your luggage is misplaced, you may find yourself in a different country without your belongings. A traveler insurance coverage will reimburse you for the items you purchased for your trip in these scenarios. Along with this, the travel insurance policy will also compensate the amount if your luggage gets permanently lost.

  • You were involved in an accident just a day before leaving: While you may have been extremely excited about your trip to explore the beautiful streets of France with your spouse, events like accidents can occur at any time. If you face an accident, you may be heartbroken because of the missed opportunity to go on a trip with your spouse. Along with this, you may also have to cancel your non-refundable bookings for the trip.

Trip cancellation can lead to severe losses. However, you get reimbursement for these bookings when you own a travel insurance plan. This way, you can recuperate from the injuries and plan your honeymoon again without facing any financial losses.

  • Your bags get stolen during your trip: Imagine that you’re walking the streets of Paris at night with your spouse enjoying the scenic beauty around you, and you’re on your way to the Eiffel tower, but someone comes and robs you or picks your pocket without your knowledge. You may be left stranded in a location where you don’t know anyone without any documentation and money during such situations. These situations can disrupt the entire mood of your trip.

If you own a travel insurance plan, you will be reimbursed for the losses you face because of a robbery. Along with this, your travel insurance will also help you get a duplicate or a new passport if it’s stolen during your trip.

  • You are called back because of a family emergency: You may be sitting in a restaurant enjoying the food and immersing yourself in the culture of France when suddenly you get a harrowing message from your family back home about an emergency. For instance, your grandfather or a close relative may be facing a serious medical issue. In such instances, you may have to cut short your honeymoon and get back to your family as soon as possible.

You will get insurance coverage for all of these interruptions with a travel insurance policy. In addition, all the expenses for your last-minute flight bookings and other trip expenses, including a hotel booking, will be handled by your travel insurance plan.

  • You face a medical emergency: When you’re in a different country experiencing a different culture altogether, you may get curious to try out certain things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. One of the best ways to learn about different cultures is through the cuisines they offer.

However, while trying out new cuisines is not a problem, you may face a few medical issues like food poisoning if the food doesn’t sit well with you. In addition, dealing with medical emergencies on your honeymoon may disrupt your budget for the trip. Along with this, getting proper medical attention in a different country can be quite expensive. This is where owning a travel insurance plan will help you. You will be reimbursed for the medical bills with a travel insurance policy.


If you wish to enjoy the vibrant jazz scene and the glamour of city lights on your trip to France with your spouse, it will be better to get a honeymoon travel insurance plan. You are protected financially for unprecedented events with a suitable travel insurance policy. For instance, if you have to shorten your trip or deal with medical bills on your trip, your travel policy will reimburse you for the costs. This way, your budget for the trip is not impacted, and you get to enjoy your trip without any stress.

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