How to Create an Engagement Card Using Mixbook


She said yes! It is the moment you have been waiting and dreamt about for so long. And now it’s time to share the news with the world, especially with your loved ones. Engagement news is among the happiest in a lifetime; it brings joy and calls for a celebration. Such exciting news you sure want to share uniquely. What is a perfect way to let your family and friends know of your engagement, other than with a custom engagement announcements card from Mixbook? All you need to do is sign up on the Mixbook account to begin.

Mixbook is an online platform that provides photo services and allows you to design various photo products, such as photo books, cards, among others. It provides you with numerous photo-editing features to tell your story your way and design something you love.

Benefits of using Mixbook to share your engagement news

Mixbook is your best option when it comes to sharing your big news. It makes the process fun with its various editing options and straightforward steps. It gives you the chance to use your creativity to make the product all about you. Some of the aspects that make Mixbook the most suitable choice for making your engagement card include:

  •         Guaranteed top quality products
  •         Easy to use. It provides you with simple steps and has its live chat team ready to guide you when stuck and answer all your questions.
  •         Affordable and convenient. It saves you time and money.
  •         Allows you to create customized products
  •         Several features to choose from

Make your engagement stand out

The joy of your engagement is unimaginable, and you want to share exactly that with your family and friends. Finding something that speaks your mind and is unique can be a lot of work and costly. Mixbook provides you with what you need to tell your spectacular news. From several themes to backgrounds and fonts, you can customize your card to your liking. Here is how to make something unique with Mixbook.

  •         Choose a design that describes you as a couple. There are many romantic themes to choose from to match your style with your partner. It can also be something that both of you are passionate about and love doing. It should bring out the picture of who you are.
  •         Add a photo of you and your lover sharing the best moments of your life or enjoying quality time together. Let your picture capture your love and linger on your family’s mind.
  •         The various editing options in Mixbook make it your idea. From backgrounds to fonts and stickers, customize your card the way you like. You can also choose to add your wedding date if already decided, a love message, or a special quote to both of you.
  •         Give your card a pleasant feeling by choosing quality textures and elegant paper choices to amaze your loved ones.

Mixbook offers you more than enough to make your engagement announcement memorable and unique. Their services are on another level, fast and affordable, not to mention the incredible experience you get to enjoy—what an excellent way to share your love with your loved ones. Sign up on Mixbook today to enjoy exceptional services.

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