Great Cybersecurity Firms With In Singapore


As per the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a branch of the Internet Engineering task force, a generations-old multinational quasi that supports the free growth, evolution, and internet usage, the number of cyber threats increased worldwide in 2017. Businesses need to keep track of their cybersecurity, and for that, they should take help and support from various cybersecurity firms. In this article, we will be talking about cybersecurity companies in Singapore.

Some of the Cyber Security Companies in Singapore:

  • Ensign Infosecurity
  • Horangi
  • Netpoleon Solutions
  • Instream Corporation
  • Sophos Computer Security
  • FireEye Singapore

These are some of the pioneering firms in terms of providing assistance relating to cybersecurity. They have saved many companies from frauds and going into the wrong hands. Their priority is client’s satisfaction. And hence, they work day and night to ensure that.


Cyber-attacks are becoming more common as a result of digital technology as well as the increasing networking of computers and power manufacturing. Security mechanisms are essential, particularly for key infrastructure services. For exhaustively defending manufacturing plants from internally and externally cyber threats, a strategy that encompasses all layers simultaneously – from organisational to ground level, as well as from network access to replication security – is needed.

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