Exploring the Potential of Tractors for Clearing Woodlots


Lands and properties offer an excellent opportunity to build and grow and property value can be increased by upgrading the property with a tractor. Clearing and cutting your own timber can save you money and offer a great source for building timber and firewood. Also, it can produce extra income. In general, lumber yards and mills are willing to pay higher prices for cut timber near a road than for standing timber. But to make sure you make the most out of your clearing efforts, you need to invest in a dependable tracteur Payeur. This guide offers information on using your tractor for clearing trees and wood lots:

Important Things to Keep in Mind

When using your tractor for clearing land, brush, and trees, ensure the load is aligned with the tractor’s middle part. This ensures the tractor will not tip on its side while pulling the log. When you add weight, the tractor will have greater traction and stability while working in the woods. Ideally, you want to skid logs with the tractor drawbar.

For bigger tractor tree clearing jobs, use a tractor winch. If you want to decrease the time it takes to perform the job, consider using a PTO winch or a hydraulic 3-point winch. Although a tractor logging winch will increase the tractor’s skidding capability, it is not essential for the majority of tractor forestry jobs. When using a winch, you must have a counterweight on the tractor’s front to retain the power of steering and traction.

Levelling and Grading the Land

To get started, remove smaller debris such as rocks, brush, and fallen tree limbs with your front end loader tractor. If you use a front-end loader for clearing land, mark all trees and vegetation you wish to keep with ribbon. Fell any unwanted trees with a chainsaw and use the tractor for hauling them away.

The last step in learning to clear a tractor ground is levelling then grading. To extract all tree stumps, dig your shovel to roots. Get rid of the stumps with a backhoe or a heavy-duty chain and the tractor. Use the loader for clearing away fallen trees, debris, rocks, and brush. Any necessary digging can be done using the backhoe attachment like digging trenches to bring water, for instance, or dig any big boulders you cannot loose using only chains. After have you have cleared up and leveled the soil, re-attach the bulldozer blade. The land should be ready for farming or other projects.

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