Determining the Value of a Personal Injury Claim- An Attorney’s Job Defined


If you have suffered major injuries and damages in an accident due to the negligence of someone else, you are eligible to get compensation for all your losses.  Filing a case requires you to spend time, effort, and money at the same time. If you want to win a fair amount, you will have to hire the best lawyer in town. After you have been injured in Sacramento, you should seek medical assistance. Within a few hours only, you or any of your family members should contact an attorney who can determine the value of your personal injuries.

Calculating the personal injuries and damages

Every personal injury claim is different from one another based on circumstances such as car accidents, workplace injuries, slip & fall, and medical malpractice. Depending on them, your lawyer should be able to assess the losses by discussing them with the experts. Mostly, compensation falls into two categories as mentioned below:

  • Economic losses are the ones that can be calculated based on long-term or short-term effects of an accident such as medical bills, property damages, inability to go to work, or loss of wages.
  • Non-economic losses may include permanent disability, change in lifestyle, pain, and suffering, inability to perform your hobbies, or loss of entertainment in your life.

In the above-mentioned scenario, your lawyer will be able to assess the circumstances and evaluate the personal injuries to be included in your claim. He will put his heart and soul to prove your economic and non-economic injuries that have occurred due to the negligence of someone else.

Filing a personal injury claim

Time plays a vital role when it comes to filing your personal injury claim. The statute of limitations will be different for different states. Your lawyer will be able to inform you about these laws. You must act as soon as possible because these cases will take time.

The attorney will have to gather all the documents such as medical bills, reports, a police report, witness statements, and his contact details. If you have suffered a loss of a job or a wage, the attorney will also contact your employer to collect details of your income and benefits. That’s why you should hire an attorney as soon as your injuries have received medical attention.

The best lawyer will work for you to get you the right compensation and ensure that you get justice well on time.

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