All You Need To Know About Choosing the Right Potting Soil


It is not an easy task to choose the right soil for your indoor potted plants.  You can’t just grab any bag of dirt from your nearby garden center. The selection process is an involved process where you need to take various factors into consideration.

Plants have different needs for light, temperature, water, and soil preference. Furthermore, the soil is crucial when the plant is kept in a pot. The pot is their whole ecosystem. In indoor potted plants, there is no excess space for water to drain from. And lastly, the tiny pot does not allow the natural cycles to work which keeps the soil filled with nutrients.

If you are unsure about the kind of soil your potted plants need, you can visit the website of Gardens of Cascadia. Their website is a review blog consisting of transparent and easy-to-understand cannabis indoor soil reviews. Their goal is to help you choose the perfect soil through these thorough reviews.

What is potting soil made of?

Potting soil is not just normal dirt. They contain varying mixtures of types of bark pieces, manure, peat, and mulch. Additional elements such as vermiculite, charcoal, and coconut coir are also used to add different nutrients to the soil.

The varying kinds of potting soil are used for different reasons such as retaining moisture or drain the extra moisture. Furthermore, some may provide a stronger strength for the root structure, whereas some may contain more nutrients.

Tips to pick out the best soil

  • Research on your desired plant’s soil preferences: Each plant has its own soil preference, so you can research the requirements of the plants such as its environmental conditions, nutrient requirements and the amount of drainage.
  • Avoid a moldy potting mix: Potting mixes can at times contain a lot of moisture which can breed harbor harmful molds. You can dry the soil in the sun or replace it.
  • Opt for light mixes: Heavy and thick mixes prohibit the roots to grow or water to drain. Most plants can grow in too dry than too wet conditions.
  • Don’t use garden soil for pots: Regular soil is fine for outdoor gardens and yards, but it can be too heavy for pots.

  • Be careful with fortified soil: Some potting mixes can contain too many water-retaining and fertilizing supplements, which could be beneficial for the growth of the roots, but also soak more water. So you should be careful of not overwatering them.


The above tips can be helpful when trying to decide on which potting soil to buy. However, you firstly need to decide on which plant to buy then decide on the soil.

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