8 Things Worth Knowing About Gentlemen’s Clubs!


Want to have some fun over the weekend? Tired of the same old bars and pubs? The entertainment scene in the US is incredibly diverse, and there’s something for everyone to explore. Instead of going for conventional places, how about visiting a gentlemen’s club? Here are the top 8 things you need to know before stepping in.

  • A gentlemen’s club is not same as strip clubs. As the name suggests, a gentlemen’s club is for gentlemen, so you are expected to behave better. Not to undermine the fun of a strip club, but gentlemen’s clubs are usually more sorted and have better profile of guests.
  • You are expected to tip. The entertainers at these clubs make money through tipping, and if you are sitting close to the center stage, i.e. the rack, you are expected to shower some money. Make sure that you have enough notes!
  • Entertainers and strippers are not escorts. That’s another myth that guests have about gentlemen’s club. These girls are here to entertain you, and may even give a lap dance in a private room, but don’t expect more than that.
  • Always behave. If you don’t want the bouncers to throw you out, make sure to behave well. Do not get drunk beyond a point, and never say anything derogatory to the entertainers and dancers.
  • Find more about booze. Some gentlemen’s clubs insist on BYOB (Bring your own Booze), while others have the license to serve alcohol. In case of BYOB, it is best to know what’s allowed and what must be purchased inside.
  • Food doesn’t have to be boring. Okay, a gentlemen’s club is not your place for fine-dining, but the food doesn’t have to be standard either. Many clubs, in fact, have gourmet menus and incredible options on the sides.

  • Lap dances don’t have to be expensive. The cost of lap dance will be decided by the house, and it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. You may have to pay more for a nude dance, or for using a private room.
  • Don’t take pictures. Every gentlemen’s club is very strict with this aspect. Do not try and take pictures of the strippers, and do NOT touch them. The entertainers here are respected, even by the people who hire them.

Finally, have fun. Order your food, throw some cash, and watch these pretty girls make some amazing moves. If you don’t want a lap dance, there’s nothing wrong in saying ‘no’, but try once!

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